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The Quikindiajob.com Clear app checks your used mobile phone's condition in few minutes!? There are some permissions we ask upon installation. We ask these permissions to perform tests on your phone that help us evaluate your phone better. At any given point in the app, we do not collect or store any private, sensitive information belonging to you like your contacts, photos or use things like your microphone for any purposes other performing the aforementioned tests.? We do collect information you provide to us such as name, email, mobile phone number, and information we collect as you access and use our service, including device information, location and network carrier. This information enables us to evaluate your device and provide our services better.

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About QuikIndiaJob

Quik India Job is a great platform for both job search and job post. A place where you can find for desired employee or employer. Easy to navigate site and step by step guidance thought out various features of the portal gives the delight to focus completely on your search rather than unlocking how to reach the next step. You can undertake targeted searches like based on your locality or city or nature of job like part time, full time, Internships- summer/winter, work from home or freelancing etc. We have managed data and technology to evolve the human capital management space. Help employers find, hire and manage great people. We have jobs from across India to choose from, that too in multiple fields and industry so that you can have access to the larger job market. Not only providing numerous options to choose from like data entry to engineering, housing keeping jobs to HR department. Target your search results to show you only what you are looking for. Like if you are searching for marketing jobs you don’t have to go through all the accounting and other commerce related jobs. You will land in only marketing related jobs that too in your specified locations. Only authentic job ads will be shown so that that your time and efforts won’t go in vein. We also kept an easy to sign up procedure for job seekers. We also have genuine job applications, specified job skills and qualification and easy availability of candidates for employers.

Surf our website and experience it all by yourself. Reach out to millions of job offers by posting your resume and creating alerts for free. We are bridging gap between the employer and the candidates seeking the jobs. We not only focus on availing the candidates the next job but also their first job too. With a large database of qualified candidate and verified companies, we hold a pool of fresh job openings to choose from. We focus on growth, whether it is the candidate’s career growth or the companies/ firm’s growth with the employee. Come and explore our portal to find a job post you wished for and be visible in front of right recruiters.
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Posting a Job just a Click away. You will get numerous number of jobs or hire as per your requirement. Just post your Ad. QuikindiaJob.com offers the largest platform for job seekers. You can search for relevant jobs in your city and locality. Even better is to search for jobs by type like Full Time, Part Time, Summer Trainees - Interns, Work From Home or Freelancing. Reach out to millions of job offers by posting your resume and creating alerts for free.

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